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David Feldman is back to playing with his trio in this new CD, more authorial, and with special guests Toninho Horta and Raul de Souza.


"It is great to listen to a CD and right from the start take off on a musical flight.

" (Ivan Lins)


" 'Horizonte' is one of the best Brazilian instrumental music CDs that arises in the last 10 years" (Rosa Passos).


He comes from a family connected to classical music. In his previous CDs, "O Som do Beco das Garrafas" (2009) and "piano" (2014), David flirted with bossa and jazz, consolidating his position among the new instrumental talents of the country. Now, at 38, David Feldman looks to new horizons. On his third CD, "Horizonte" (whose title was not given by chance), the pianist presents his own compositions (seven of the ten tracks), very “song-like” melodic ( "I love songs and pop music,") and the next to André Vasconcellos (bass) and Marcio Bahia (drums), he’s back again with his in trio. The disc also features rwo special guests: maestro Toninho Horta (guitar) and trombonist Raul de Souza - references in David’s musical formation David. Horta is one of three composers re-recorded the album - in this case, his "Soccer ball". The others are Oscar Castro Neves ( "Chora tua Tristeza" with Luvercy Fiorini) and Johnny Alf ( "Céu e Mar"). The CD will be released on 13th October at the Solar de Botafogo.

When it comes to music, David is not hermetic or purist. On his iPod one could find from classical, through traditional MPB, and coming to the rock and pop of the 1980s. It is natural that such influences leave traces in his creative process. And a connection was found by him on those themes that he recently wrote: the melodies are further away from virtuosity and closer to what he calls a melodic line of a song - even though none of them has words yet. "What interests me today is not the amount of notes you can play, but the quality of the sound obtained with them," says the musician.

And to get to that sound, David put in place a will he had for a long time: to return to play in trio format. The next step was to call André Vasconcellos (bass) and Marcio Bahia (drums). "I love playing with both because they have a great time and a strong sense of rhythm. And they are not plastered, they can play around what you do. As a floating "analyzes. Why not fly higher? Toninho Horta gave a boost there, and Raul de Souza, the breath was missing. "At a time when people are see each other less and less, I made a point of promoting these meetings, with everyone playing together", says Feldman.

This mixture gave league. David knows that his sound has changed. This change was gradual. In this case, "Chora tua Tristeza," track that opens the CD, has a strategic function: to serve as a bridge between what he had been doing for what it shows in this new work. "If we compare the CD with a TV series, this track has the function of invorming the viewer about what happened in the plot, like 'In the previous chapter,'" compares it with good humor. And the fun stops there. His relationship with music is serious. And light as a flight between sky and sea. Fasten seat belts!



The CD commented track by track by Rosa Passos:

Chora Tua Tristeza. "Elegance and sophistication."


Melancolia. "Sadness quiet and gentle" .David Feldman as a composer has the ability to convey his sense of the moment in his compositions. "


Navegar. "Navegar passes a feeling of sailing even in clear, calm waters, catching sight of a clean, wide horizon. The melody confirms that feeling when the music ends in MAJOR! ".


Tetê. Luxury participation of Toninho Horta and a perfect guitar marriage to the piano, where respect is in the foreground, it is the meeting of two brilliant musicians !.


Sliding Ways. "A delightful samba with velvet trombone presence of the great Raul de Souza in improvisation that gives the touch of joy that music asks. The drums of Marcio Bahia have a wonderfully Brazilian and elegant driving. André Vasconcellos keeping a ground with slight nuances, loose and firm! a delight to listen to! "


Penumbra. "A music wire which extends through a percussive and introspective movement. A "Penumbra" (obscurity) in the form of music. "


Soccer Ball (Football). "A meeting of a team of superstars !!! fun moment, understated virtuosity, conversation between instruments, brilliant friends who become one, making goal, a musical master play, genuinely Brazilian."


Esqueceram de mim no Aeroporto. "A very interesting song name! Melodically I felt a sense of being lost at the airport in Paris, with a world of people running not to miss the flight when suddenly diving header in the improvisations of André Vasconcellos and Marcio Bahia and here comes the delicious feeling that I'm not alone anymore. "


Adeus. "My favorite track.! I cried to hear it more than one vez. I had all the time the sensation of being in a Monet painting on a sunny afternoon with a spring umbrella covering my head, walking in a forest full of daisies going somewhere ... ".


Céu e Mar. "A classic Brazilian music by the great Johnny Alf. David Feldman always printing its elegant and ingenious brand touch talking and giving life to your piano in his magic hands speak, has his own ideas. The interpretation of this classic in the hands of these three great musicians has lightness, a style, and a unique Brazilianness ".


CD Service:

Title: "Horizonte"

Artist: David Feldman

Label: Independent

Distribution: Trattore

Suggested price: US $ 26

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Christovam Chevalier Communication

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