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One day I spent an afternoon listening David Feldman’s solo CD, DAVID FELDMAN PIANO and delighted I decided to write what I felt about his marriage with his piano.

David liked it and I was happy.

To my delight and surprise David asked me to comment on his new CD called "HORIZONTE", this time the trio and with two special guests, geniuses of Brazilian music, Raul de Souza and Toninho Horta!

"Horizonte" is so rich musically that I made a point of commenting it track by track.

In my opinion "Horizonte" is one of the best CDs of Brazilian Instrumental Music that arises in the last 10 years.


Rosa Passos.


Brasilia, March 16, 2016.


1 - Chora Tua Tristeza. "Elegance and sophistication."


2 - Melancolia. "Sadness quiet and gentle" .David Feldman as a composer has the ability to convey his sense of the moment in his compositions. "


3 - Navegar. "Navegar passes a feeling of sailing even in clear, calm waters, catching sight of a clean, wide horizon. The melody confirms that feeling when the music ends in MAJOR! ".


4 - Tetê. Luxury participation of Toninho Horta and a perfect guitar marriage to the piano, where respect is in the foreground, it is the meeting of two brilliant musicians !.


5 - Sliding Ways. "A delightful samba with velvet trombone presence of the great Raul de Souza in improvisation that gives the touch of joy that music asks. The drums of Marcio Bahia have a wonderfully Brazilian and elegant driving. André Vasconcellos keeping a ground with slight nuances, loose and firm! a delight to listen to! "


6 - Penumbra. "A music wire which extends through a percussive and introspective movement. A "Penumbra" (obscurity) in the form of music. "


7 - Soccer Ball (Football). "A meeting of a team of superstars !!! fun moment, understated virtuosity, conversation between instruments, brilliant friends who become one, making goal, a musical master play, genuinely Brazilian."


8 - Esqueceram de mim no Aeroporto. "A very interesting song name! Melodically I felt a sense of being lost at the airport in Paris, with a world of people running not to miss the flight when suddenly diving header in the improvisations of André Vasconcellos and Marcio Bahia and here comes the delicious feeling that I'm not alone anymore. "


9 - Adeus. "My favorite track.! I cried to hear it more than one vez. I had all the time the sensation of being in a Monet painting on a sunny afternoon with a spring umbrella covering my head, walking in a forest full of daisies going somewhere ... ".


10 - Céu e Mar. "A classic Brazilian music by the great Johnny Alf. David Feldman always printing its elegant and ingenious brand touch talking and giving life to your piano in his magic hands speak, has his own ideas. The interpretation of this classic in the hands of these three great musicians has lightness, a style, and a unique Brazilianness ".

Rosa Passos

Ivan Lins

It is great to listen to a CD and right from the start take off on a musical flight. David opens this CD with a song by the late Oscar Castro-Neves in an unexpected way with the fine help of André Vasconcellos and the incredible Marcio Bahia. His personal piano style, always full of surprises, is showcased on compositions of his own (Navegar and Tetê are marvelous) as well as by other composers - among them Johnny Alf and Toninho Horta (who participates beautifully on the recording). Hearing this music leaves in my soul a confirmation that the new generation that is making quality music today in this embattled country, will continue to keep up the beautiful reputation of Brazilian music.


Congrats David!

Carlinhos Brown

The musical paths that David creates are rhythmic, polyphonic, and with soulful good taste. It’s great that his talent is focused on Brazilian music of quality, a result of his closeness among the important artists for whom he writes, arranges and accompanies. What a pleasure to listen to you my friend! Best of luck and keep on playing!

Roberto Menescal

I met this “musicão (great musician)” when he was performing with Leila Pinheiro in a show at the Rival Theatre, and soon afterwards we were together in several shows in a project that we had just released, the CD and DVD “Agarradinhos”. Those performances were both a great pleasure and a learning experience. David now showed me his instrumental work, entitled “piano” (just himself and his piano), featuring a repertoire of his own together with the great classics of GBm (good Brazilian music). on listening to those interpretations one can evaluate what a great musician we have. This is another great moment for instrumental music in Brazil!


Paquito D'Rivera

From the very beginning I always noticed the fine timing, beautiful lyrical approach and impeccable pianism in David Feldman’s playing.

It is very easy to fall in love with his extraordinary musicality. 

When David submitted his project to us, GKO was happy and proud to promote sophisticated Brazilian music. When we listened to the CD, this feeling turned into emotion. The recording of Sabiá brought tears to our eyes, the dialogue betwen two pianos in Conversa de Botequim was a wonderfull surprise, the lightness of Carlos Lyra’s tune made us travel in time, the poetry and innovation of maurício einhorn allowed us to listen to a non-existing harmonica in the background . All this is part of the musical mixture which enables us to plunge into David’s own compositions, some of which could be classics, had they not been released only now, in this CD. We hope that everyone will listen, enjoy and be moved by piano! 

Ricardo Gorodovits & Rodolfo Oliveira

GKO Informática

Ricardo Gorodovits & Rodolfo Oliveira

Maurício Einhorn

Leo Gandelman

I have been having the opportunity to make music with David Feldman since 2000, since he first arrived in NYC to develop his musical studies. But despite this constant interaction, I must say that every day I find myself more surprised with his sensitivity and musicality. Like a musical monk, David breathes, eats and live music. Each note out of his hands, is always impregnated by good taste and poignant feelings. I definitely am a fan of his work. In this CD, David plays with Paulinho Braga on drums and Sergio Barrozo on bass. Two icons on their instruments that come to add experience, maturity and swing to the record. I consider this CD a real example of the best in Brazilian Popular Music.

It's great to see that, in our country, the development of pianists kept happening. And the fact is that, without a doubt, listening to the second track Sambou ... sambou (John Donato and John Mello), I endorse Feldman's responsable, precociously mature and very personal piano. A young man playing alongside two veterans (also young), Sergio Barrozo Netto (bass) and Paulo Braga (drums), imposing his apparent conviction who can give his message. With the freedom that jazz language allows I have noticed influences (which everyone has) to which he knew to add and enrich as few and so enthused me.

Well, I'm expressing my active self-taught musician opinion and I think also that everybody who purchase this CD should hear it no less than three or more times before judging it. Therefore, there may even be enthused too and realize how giant is this Brazilian, who passes on us a sense of pride and desire to go watch him live. I have said!

Success, David! I became your fan!


Mauricio Einhorn


P.S.: I recommend the tracks Rapaz de Bem and Eu e a Brisa (both Johnny Alf) and Sambou ... sambou, which I have quoted before.

As for Sergio Barrozo Netto (bass) and Paulo Braga (drums), they continue as usual champions! (Hermeto, I am plagiarizing you, sorry)


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