'piano' is the new solo CD by David Feldman - so even with minuscule p because not only refers to his instrument, but is a true translation of the printed sound to this album, which brings an intimate, serene and mild climate. As the Italians say, 'piano'!

David debuted on record in 2009 with the acclaimed 'Sound the Lane', but it all started four years ago when, at age 27, on the stage of the old 'Mistura Fina', an anthology night promoted by CJUB, snatched the public that a packed house deserves praise as the critical Luiz Orlando Carneiro: ... "Feldman belongs the bold, intense line of pianists that combine a concertístic posture and a technique that notion that jazz is basically the sound of surprise" .

Now, at the 36, he delves into his instrument, making a record where the piano reigns, highlighting his composer side, featuring original songs and great lyricism. Of the ten tracks, six are original compositions: Chobim, O Latido do Cachorro, Sliding Ways, Bad Relation, Tete and Esqueceram de Mim no Aeroporto. Also on the CD there are songs already known to the public, but they've won a drapery admirable harmony, as Primavera (Carlos Lyra), Conversa de Botequim (Noel Rosa), Sabiá (Antonio Carlos Jobim), and Tristeza de Nós Dois - this, recorded on his first album (with Paulo Braga on drums and Sergio Barrozo on bass), had his solo piano version on this CD, where David gives a new meaning to the music, deconstructing it and reconstructing it in a surprising way, which justifies its re-recording.

In 'piano' David shows his many musical faces, exploring not only the melodic romanticism, but also his sense of humor. The first track of the CD Spring is possible to see their musical subtlety and elegance, a romantic interpretation, without excesses, where at one point the pianist walks the universe classics like Debussy. And that elegance can still be seen on tracks like Tetê, Sabia and Chobim - his first authorial composition revealed in the disk, where the shows that came as a songwriter, honoring two great landmarks of Western music: Chopin and Jobim.


His sense of humor was already revealed in the second track, Conversation in the Pub, where the pianist shows his 'playful' side, making one himself, with a piano responding to the other duo. The same is true in Esqueceram de Mim no Aeroporto, where an instrument reacts to another, responding and sometimes mocking, thus keeping the spirit of the great American jazz musicians, whose motto was always fun! This unique feat was accomplished through overdub (record one track over the other), thus generating a 'conversation with vera', a true dueling pianos, in which the two pianists are David Feldman.


'piano' was produced by David himself, goes independent, and even before the release already receiving sincere compliments two biggest names in music as Paquito D'Rivera and Roberto Menescal, that says: .... "your hearing these interpretations, we evaluate the 'Musicão' ahead. Another great moment in instrumental music in Brazil." Without a doubt, is a special disc.



David Feldman was born in dedicated to classical and baroque music family. Began studying classical piano at age four, and already enjoying improvise. Later, David  studied with the great Luiz Eca.


In 2000, he joined the New School University in New York, and joined the Jazz and Contemporary Music Program, graduating in 2002 In a short time, having played with jazz legends such as Slide Hampton and Claudio Roditi, "sat in" in the Mingus Big Band and worked with Duduka da Fonseca and brightest young people, among them Matt Garrison and Eli Gibri. In 2004, he was among the top ten pianists in the world of piano solo Montreaux Jazz Festival, which is directed by Quincy Jones, and a jury of internationally renowned musicians, including technical and acrobatic pianist Michel Camilo competition. Also acts as an arranger, producer, author of soundtracks and sound engineer.


In 2009 he released his first CD titled "O Som do Beco das Garrafas", incensed by critics, and this work has been participating in major jazz festivals in Brazil and abroad.


David has worked with the most respected names in MPB as Paulo Moura, Leo Gandelman, Leny Andrade, Leila Pinheiro, Carlinhos Brown, Jaques Morelembaum, Maria Rita, Bossa Cuca Nova, Ricardo Silveira, and Wilson Simoninha Totonho Villeroy.

David Feldman - www.davidfeldmanmusic.com





Distributed by Tratore, from September 1, the CD will be available for digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Terra, UOL, among other sites.



The CD release show 'piano' will be held at Space Tom Jobim, October 14, and will take place within the concert series "Garden of Pianos & Other Keys". On occasion, the audience can check something unprecedented in Brazil and perhaps in the world, it might only have been done a few times: David will have two acoustic pianos on stage, and one will be controlled by computer, so it can repeat in the show dueling pianos performed on the CD, playing with himself.




Show: David Feldman - CD release 'piano'

Place: Espaço Tom Jobim – Jardim Botânico - RJ Date: October 14, 2014 20: 30Ingressos: $ 50 full and $ 25 half price



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